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Google Redesigns Salad Emoji Now Vegan, Everyone Can ‘Eat’ It

YASSS, thought I have to admit I pretend all the emoji are vegan. 🍕, 🌯, 🍦etc. 

Google Redesigns Salad Emoji To Become Vegan So That Now, Everyone Can ‘Eat’ It 

07 Jun 2018 

It seems as though people really do care about emojis. Why else would tech companies roll out hundreds of new icons regularly and introduce animated, lifelike versions of them? In addition to the surge of redhead emoticons recently unveiled by Apple and Android, Google has revised the recipe of its green salad emoji so it more closely resembles something that everyone can eat. Jennifer Daniel, head of design for emoji at Google, tweeted, “There’s big talk about inclusion and diversity at Google. So if you need any evidence [that] Google is making this priority, may I direct your attention to the emoji—we’ve removed the egg in Android P beta 2, making this a more inclusive vegan salad.” The redesign would also better match Unicode’s description of the emoji, Daniel addressed in a separate post, which calls for, “A bowl of healthy salad, containing lettuce, tomato, and other salad items such as cucumber.” The bite-sized salad now comes only with lettuce and tomato pixels. Without the pop of yellow in egg yolks, it looks a little dull. Perhaps some chopped carrots and dressing would help to brighten the dish up both in terms of aesthetics and flavor, Google? 

This isn’t the first time the company has revamped a food emoji. After some outcry last year, CEO Sundar Pichai vowed to “drop everything” and move the cheese slice in its burger emoticon upwards, so that it would sit above the patty. 

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