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Acclaimed Musician Aiden James Unveils Captivating Dark Rendition of Paula Abdul's Hit, "Straight Up

Updated: Nov 18, 2023


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Acclaimed Musician Aiden James Unveils Captivating Dark Rendition of Paula Abdul's Hit, "Straight Up"

After the release of Single “Arms Length” (Acoustic). Aiden ventures into uncharted territory exploring his ability to compose a score that will carry a pop song right into the horror genre on the big screen.

PHILADELPHIA (NOV 17, 2023) – Aiden James, the prodigious singer-songwriter known for his songwriting & dynamic reimagining of popular songs, has yet again astounded listeners with his latest release. Capturing the hearts of music enthusiasts globally, James has unveiled his dark, cinematic cover of Paula Abdul's chart-topping classic, "Straight Up." The track is set to immerse fans in a hauntingly beautiful soundscape, showcasing James' exceptional talent and unique musical perspective.

Combining his innate passion for storytelling with a distinctive sonic exploration, Aiden James brings his unparalleled vision to "Straight Up," breathing new life into this iconic 80s anthem. Embracing darker tones and a haunting atmosphere, James masterfully transforms Abdul's upbeat dance-pop hit into an emotionally charged experience, showcasing his artistic versatility and creativity. This track would be right at home on a new Netflix thriller production.

James explains, “I got the idea after watching Fatal Attraction. Randomly Paula's version came on, written by Elliot Wolff. I heard the lyrics, “are you gonna love me forever?” and I thought this could very much be a stalker’s unrelenting mantra. I decided to create a cinematic landscape to tell the story my way. It just lends itself so immensely to that medium.”

From the very first note, listeners will be entranced by the haunting ambiance created by James' meticulous composition and atmospheric production. Seamlessly blending elements of darkwave, cinematic textures and pop vocal production, James injects "Straight Up" with his signature insight, inviting audiences to immerse themselves in his captivating world.

Aiden James emerges as a true force in the music industry. His rendition of "Straight Up" further exemplifies this. Included in this release is two club remixes debuting Aiden’s DJ persona “AJ Lights”

“Straight Up ” drops at 12:01am on Friday, NOV 17 and will be available for purchase and streaming via iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music and Tidal. The song is currently available for preorder. Visit

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Label: Songster Sounds © ⓟ 2023 All vocals and music produced & performed by Aiden James. Written by Elliot Wolff


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