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End Whaling Now! Open letter to Prime Minister of Iceland Katrín Jakobsdóttir


Katrín Jakobsdóttir

Prime Minister

Svandís Svavarsdóttir

Minister of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries in Iceland

I am shocked and disturbed by your policies and I urge you to end whaling now! 

Five videos released by the Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority (MAST) show how horrific commercial whaling is in Iceland. 

41% of whales hunted in 2022 didn't die right away, the median time was over 11 minutes and the average was 17 minutes. One suffered for one hour, another whale for two hours. Hrönn Ölína Jörundsdóttir, the head of MAST, called it


I am contacting you, the Prime Minister of Iceland and the Minister for Food, Agriculture and Fisheries to end whaling now. This is ecocide and can not continue this summer.

Aiden James



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