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Great White Shark Circles Boat off Provincetown Beach: WATCH

Perhaps this Great White Shark had some time to kill before checking into his BnB for the week. A man and a very excited boy filmed a Great White Shark circling their boat for several minutes in 12 feet of water just off Race Point Beach, a popular beach for swimmers, in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

“He’s lurking around us. He’s like, sizing us up for dinner,” says the man to the boy.

According to notes on the video it was filmed at 7:30 am on Sunday morning.

According to the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy’s ‘Sharktivity’ app (which the boy suggests notifying several times), there have been at least three Great White Shark sightings off of Race Point Beach – one at the shore in just four feet of water – over the past week.

H/T : Towleroad

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