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Embracing Light in the Darkness: The Transformative Benefits of Offering Your Peace to Others

It's snowing in Philadelphia ❄️ I was instantly captured by the moment & found some quiet.

In today's world, it's easy to get overwhelmed by the negativity we encounter on social media and in the news. We're constantly bombarded with stories of war, riots, crime, and abuse, and it can make our world seem incredibly dark. These images and emotions can linger on like a cloud. You can feel helpless. Maybe asking yourself, what can I do?

You can offer your peace. Your calming presence to those around you. The radius in which you occupy can reflect great understanding, mindfulness, and welcoming. How can we know this?

Have you ever been around someone who makes you feel at ease? Someone who is easy to talk to and always remains level-headed, no matter the situation. They never raise their voice and always seem content. Their smile for no apparent reason, seemingly derived from contentment. Can you feel the presence of this person? What about animals? Picture a dog happily greeting someone at the door with a stuffed toy, or a cat peacefully sleeping in the warm sunshine, purring with squinted eyes. Do you feel the sense of peace and tranquility in these moments? Do you accept the gift they offer to those around them? Yes, we do.

Bring yourself back to the present moment. Ground your senses by stretching out your fingers and then pulling them back in, appreciating the wonder of your own body. Listen for the sounds of birds chirping or cars passing by. Reconnect with your marvelous ears. Take a deep breath and savor the aroma of your cup of coffee, feeling the warmth in your hands. Reconnect with your deep, innate nature and come back into your body. Notice your breath.

When you do this for yourself, you also offer it to those around you. Simply by sitting in a place of peace. It is very powerful. This is a great gift to offer those around you. - AJ


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