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ϟ   New Single & Tour begins Summer 2024  ϟ

Not for Nothing "


New Single 💥 Not For Nothing 

"Not For Nothing" delves into the spark of a heated affair and the lingering smoke of its aftermath, showcasing James' ability to blend emotion with melody effortlessly. This release promises to be a summer anthem, combining raw honesty with timeless appeal. Known for his emotive storytelling and distinctive sound, James invites listeners on a journey through the complexities of love and desire, set against a backdrop of vintage 80’s nostalgia & modern day pop music.  

The spark of a fiery romance ignites our hearts in ways that can lead us to love. However, once the flames have died down, and there's nothing but smoke, we are left questioning whether the pain was worth it. Despite the doubt that lingers, taking a leap of faith in love is a risk worth taking. Love may leave us wounded, but it also has the power to heal and transform us. It is a journey filled with uncertainty and vulnerability, but in the end, it's never not for nothing.

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