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Open Letter to Michael Caine - Using Animals as Attractions

Stormy the Cow Philadelphia

To Michael Caine of Old First United Church of Christ: 12/14/17

I’m writing to you on behalf of Stormy and Ginger, the two bovines you are using as an attraction this winter at your church. I am a strong advocate for animals and when this was brought to my attention I knew I must contact you. You've been exploiting animals since 1973.

Temperatures plummet in Philadelphia (my home). I recently saw on the news that Stormy, who you are keeping as an attraction, escaped onto the dangerous, freezing streets of center city. Not once, but twice.

Animals should not be used for purposes of entertainment, religious ritual or attraction. They are not objects but rather someone. Not, something.

Stormy obviously did not want to be where you have her confined. She was likely lonely, missing her daughter and looking for other animals. Bovines are herding beings.

Bringing farm animals into the city not only puts them on a dangerous journey barreling down the highway in a cold metal trailer, but it also puts them in a very unnatural environment. Keeping her in a small confined pen as a spectacle is not the place for a cow. She should be in a field or barn with other cows.

City surroundings are dangerous. There is constant loud noise which frighten & cause anxiety not to mention these sentient beings are exposed to unnecessary pollution and exhaust.

Making Stormy and Ginger an attraction for tourists and i’ll say it, to bring in business, is not ok.

You have also used valuable city resources by means of the Philadelphia Police Department when Stormy escaped your small confined pen. The PPD is already spread thin.

Your slogan is “Love First” featured on your website. I implore you, make a commitment to remove all animals immediately from your programming and all future programming permanently. Exercise an act of compassion and stop using animals as entertainment.

Speaking up for the Voiceless,

Aiden James

Call Michael Caine at 215-922-4566 or email at

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