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AJ Mac - Quick Vegan Mac n Cheese Recipe

start by making a Roux(Light or Blonde) 1 cup earth balance (vegan butter) 1 cup white sifted flour start boiling water for pasta shells (1 box) and some Broccoli florettes - follow instruction on box. don’t over cook. heat fat (vegan butter) until melted then dust the flour over top & keep stirring over med low heat - cook untill slightly golden blonde / has a nutty flavor - add liquids starting with the hot water/ plant milk ( these should be hot) 2 cups hot water or 1 1/2 cup hot water + 1 cup hot flavorless unsweetened plant milk keep stirring it will thicken quickly - reduce heat now season the mixture 1 table spoon salt splash of lemon juice or vinegar splash of soy or tamari sause 1 tablespoon turmeric 1 cup Nutritional yeast fold in 1 bag of vegan cheddar shreds (i recommend violife or daiya cutting board style)  

fold it in DAVID 

optional - 1 capsule of vegan probiotic - break open capsule and just use the powder optional - 1/2 tsp white miso paste wisk all these into the mixture and keep stirring - adjust seasonings to taste - remove from heat now your pasta and Broccoli florets should be Al dente - add pasta and florets to your cheese mixture top with nutritional yeast or vegan cheddar shreds as garnish - sprinkle w roasted salted pistachios is a nice touch as well

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