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Colbie Caillat, Aiden James, Josh Radnor Perform Uncancelled Music Fest MusiCares

With the COVID-19 global pandemic hitting hard, the independent music industry is feeling the pain. Musicians, Venue Staff, Drivers, Recording Studios etc, will feel the financial hit for quite some time. The Hotel Cafe in Hollywood is one of those venues.

Aiden James Colbie Caillat Josh Radnor MusiCares

No stranger to it's doors Aiden James joins acts like Colbie Caillat, Josh Radnor, William Fitzsimmons, Cray Brothers, Emily Kinney, Meiko, Garrison Starr, Vincint and Zane Carney to perform on it's Virtual Stage. The goal is to raise money for the venue, the artist and the Grammy Recording Academy's MusiCare Relief Fund.

The Hotel Cafe explains..

"We’re taking our shows online by partnering with UnCancelled Music Festival, which is bringing together musicians, fans and venues from around the globe affected by the Covid-19 crisis for a virtual concert experience. From April 2 through April 9, we’ll host more than 75 artists via StageIt, all while raising funds for our venue’s staff, our community of artists, and the Recording Academy’s MusiCares program. Tune in each day to the Hotel Cafe Stage where you can tip individual artists or pay what you want for “admission.”

Thank you to each artist who helped us make this a reality, and to UnCancelled Music Festival, Ari’s Take, Fender and StageIt. Thank you!"

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