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Arms Length 🙌🏻 New Single Out Now

a powerful distance...

Surprise, It’s a Boy! please welcome to the world “Arms Length” 🙌🏻 I’m so proud to finally share it. This single deals with an acute but universal theme. Unrequited love. If a lover keeps you at a distance emotionally, they don’t love you. That might sound simple or obvious however, it’s the hardest thing to realize in our emotional heart. Maybe they get off on stringing you along? Whatever the reason may be, sometimes that can spark the ‘chase instinct’ in us that ultimately will be one sided & leave us empty. Arms length is a powerful distance. Try as you may to close that gap, it’s you they can live without. Free yourself from that illusion of love. As the lyrics go, ‘I’m not chasing after anyone no more, you want it or you don’t’,"

special thanks to Billy Norris with the Killer Guitars

Elliot Jacobson on Drums / Programming Nick Ribbens Synth Bass & Mix Randy Merrill Mastering Sterling Sound Studio New York City Russ Hickman photography


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