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New Single & Video OUT TODAY "Arms Length" (Acoustic) PRESS RELEASE

Updated: Nov 18, 2023


Well known for his acoustic performances touring North America. Aiden responds to fan feedback & releases a fully acoustic version of his hit single “Arms Length” alongside a stunning 4K Music Video.

PHILADELPHIA (June 26, 2023) – Aiden James, the captivating singer and songwriter hailing from Philadelphia, is set to make waves with his latest musical endeavor. James proudly announces a new single and music video, "Arms Length (Acoustic)", set to premiere on Monday, June 26. Previously released as an 80’s inspired modern pop track, it is now fully & fantastically acoustic. The song delves deep into his personal struggle to attain the affection of his true love, who continuously keeps him at a distance. With his raw and soulful vocals combined with heartfelt lyrics, Aiden has become synonymous with crafting poignant melodies that resonate with listeners around the globe. "Arms Length (Acoustic)" is no exception, as it transports audiences into an intimate and vulnerable space, reflecting the universal theme of unrequited love.

James explains, "I'll never forget this one night after a show. A man came up to the merch table and reached out to embrace me. He held both my hands and said hearing me live was an experience he'll never forget. He told me that while he loved my recordings, my live acoustic performance was so personal and showcased my talents. I had another man from Germany tell me that ‘many artists need synthesizers to sound good at least a bit - you wouldn't need them at all!’. These are just two examples from my 'JUMP Tour' last year. I took this to heart, and I knew I had to create a version like this. After all, some of my favorite artists' recordings are acoustic or live now that I think about it: Gavin DeGraw, Sia, Brett Young, Patty Griffin, Sara Bareilles, Ed Sheeran." The track's rich instrumentation, haunting melodies, warm piano & organic acoustic guitars. come together to create an immersive experience. James' soulful voice, delivers an authentic & captivating performance. The listener is drawn into the artist's emotional turmoil, feeling the yearning & longing that emanates from every note. As a self-taught musician, Aiden has consistently demonstrated his commitment to honing his craft & pushing creative boundaries. Through his music, he connects with audiences on a deep & personal level, providing solace and relatability through shared experiences. "Arms Length (Acoustic)" is a testament to his artistic growth & unwavering dedication to his musical vision. “Arms Length (Acoustic) ” drops at 12:01am on Monday, June 26 and will be available for purchase and streaming via iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music and Tidal. The song is currently available for preorder. Visit

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CREDITS: Lyrics, Music, Production, Vocals & Video: Aiden James・Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Strings: Billy Norris・Mixing: Aiden James・Mastering: Glenn Barratt Morningstar Studios Philadelphia, PA・Videographer Ashley Epifano • Label: Songster Sounds © ⓟ 2023


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