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7 Things That Are Everything This Week

THANKS to The Advocate Magazine Glad you're loving my version of "River"

Aiden James: "River"

"Philadelphia-based, out singer-songwriter Aiden James had one of his biggest hits with a cover of Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody.” Now he’s released a new cover, in time with a Christmas theme. The famous Joni Mitchell lyrics “I wish I had a river…” are reimagined with two men at the center of the story. James told his fans, “Considering the current political environment I know many of us could use a musical escape. A virtual river to skate away on.” The single can be heard on Philly radio and is now available for purchase on iTunes, and watch for James’ new album soon. He’s been working away on it." -Advocate Editors December 2, 2016"

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