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Philly Music Store Sponsors me with Ukulele!

Many of you know I've been working on a new album. It's going well but like the other 3 times i've been through a full scale process like this, I think I might have an emotional breakdown 😂 It's so much work. I've been producing, engineering it, writing, arranging, performing... anyways....

Some of you remember when I put out a summer cover of 'Edge of Glory" - Lady Gaga featuring Ukulele back in I wanna say 2010? That year I won a mini ukulele at an Easter Egg hunt and fell in love with it.

Fast forward to now... on record number 4. I thought it would be a fun sound to add this time around. I needed a proper ukulele tough. The mini one i had kept falling out of tune and wasn't very accurate. So I reached out to a local Philadelphia Music Store Bridgeset Sound . They were kind enough to lend me this beautiful Kala Brand Ukulele for a recording session I had over the weekend. Thanks again guys <3

Stay tuned.... @aidenjamestour on instagram

You can donate here to "tip" to help move things along$aidenjames

Aiden James Kala Ukulele from Bridgeset Sound

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