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Aiden James and TC-Helicon Endorsement

Hey gang - I'm proud to announce my partnership with a company who's performance gear i've been using a LONG time. TC-Helicon! 

I went to their Headquarters in Los Angeles, Ca in March to film a Facebook Live concert and Q&A. It was a blast - I can't wait to go back. 

You know I think back on growing up, living in poverty, on welfare, abusive environments, being a young gay kid outside of a big city and never having a music lesson. i faced many struggles and adversity before even having access to music let alone to get where i've landed now. i will no longer remain under spoken about my journey  or under value my talents and story. 

I also filmed and recorded something very special for them as part of a big upcoming project they are releasing soon! I'll be sure and let you know, but for now here are some videos & photos from my day there... talk soon! -Aiden  

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