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Boys Of Summer Out Today

The Boys of Summer have gone.. 🌊

Well, it's the official end of summer and it's always a nostalgic time. This song "The Boys of Summer" came out in 1984 (i was two) and written by Don Henley. This is one of my favorite songs. Everyone knows it and everyone turns it up and sings along haha.

If you stop and listen to the lyrics it really takes a look back at one's life/summer with sentiment and nostalgia. "i never will forget those nights, i wonder if it was a dream" Yesss.. which is totally my wheelhouse.

About My Sound Recording..

I didn't want to make a "sound alike". To me that's not what a cover is about. I wanted to reimagine this song in my signature style of vocals, acoustic guitars and of course synths while respecting the original. I gave a nod to the 80's recording with the high hat in the right speaker that comes on the second verse and the sort of pipe hit on the left side. The vocals build up to 16 layers at the final chorus with pizzicato synth strikes lifting the finale. Ending and returning to a strumming acoustic guitar in the far back of the cutting room. In a way centering us to our resting mindset after a spinning swirl of memories.

Also, can we talk about that lead during the instrumental? was SOOO fun to play and squeal out.

About the Single Art..

This photo I took off the coast of Lands Ends Beach in San Francisco. You are looking at the ocean as it just enters the San Francisco Bay. I was on tour at the time with a concert that night in SOMA. I'm often alone on the road and I remember thinking how much I felt isolated, disconnected to those who were supposed to be close to me, the stunning power of nature, how small we are, being broke, boys who never called me back, and an industry that struggles to keep itself alive let alone to nurture the non 1%. The style of these subtle white marks is a nod to the old vinyl record sleeves as they become worn, which is also a reflection of the content inside.

There is no happy ending. Im glad this song leaves the listener in a position of looking back with no remedy. Except to return to where we started before the synths began and carry our heavy hearts with us however leaden they may be.

Thanks so much for listening and stopping to appreciate art. It take a special person to experience something that others may never be as awake to find running though life. You are a special person for this very reason.

always in your heart, thank you again -aj

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