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Backstage Pass Program Launch!

This was a lot of work! Im pretty excited about launching it today. I built this from scratch directly into my website. 

Ok so what is this exactly? 

This is a "FANscription" program *smirk*. See what I did there? There are two subscription levels that offer different exclusive ways to connect with me, material perks and even access to online concerts. One at $5/month "General Admission" & the other $99/year "Backstage Pass".

Why? Well for a few reasons... 

I often get asked by fans, followers, & supporters how they can help contribute to what I do. More beyond just the music downloads and concert tickets. There is a lot that happens behind the scene that no one ever sees.  Cars to the airport, touring, recording, getting home from the studio late at night, wifi, producing music videos & general operations.

I've promised to you before, many years ago, I will always be open and honest about who I am. Both in the music I write and in the life I live. We must show our numbers. As members and allies, as indie music lovers & concert goers. This is where you come in.

Think of it like putting a shot of espresso in your coffee or turning the volume knob up in your car. That's what this program can do for me with your support.

The perks are beside each plan. Clicking on either one will take you to where you can view more info and sign up. All payments are securely processed with PayPal. Be sure to include your mailing address with your sign up so you can receive your perks.

It only takes 4 mins

Ok I have to go for now, I have a new single & video to finish ♥︎AJ


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