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Sunrise, Solitude, Album - Bronx, New York.

sunrise over the bronx. solitude. scribble. i knowingly admit my generalized, crippling fears are unrealistic yet humans are to live in complete disregard of emotion. a weakness that renders us lesser. “you’re too sensitive, boys don’t cry, man up, don’t spazz out, don’t be so dramatic” as if we’re to void ourselves of the greatest gift we posses. Our humanness, compassion, cognizance. We’re to silence the ability to emote, disregard the very thing that defines our existence. instead function as these full bodies without sections of mind, detached. as if telescope eyes to see, skin to sensor, muscles to polish, processors of fiscal production. a divide conditioned & perpetuated. i will expound, this will be my album. “intelligent machines”.

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