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Take Action for New Jeresy Black Bears - End Hunt

The New Jersey black bear hunt (slaughter) begins on October 12th — but there is still a chance to stop the killing. Governor Phil Murphy @govmurphy has the authority to suspend the hunt by Executive Order.

A supermajority of New Jersey residents opposes this deeply cruel event, where hunters are permitted to bait animals with sugary food and even chase bears onto private lands where they can be killed. But not only is the black bear hunt inhumane and unnecessary, allowing the 2020 bear hunt to continue puts residents of the state at an unnecessary health risk during a global health crisis as thousands of interstate hunters enter New Jersey.

Allowing the hunt to continue is not only counterproductive, but contradictory to Governor Murphy and his administration’s recent actions to protect public health.

If you live in New Jersey, please contact Governor Murphy today and request he suspend the 2020 black bear hunt to help control the COVID-19 virus and protect animals.

For NJ residence here is a direct action link that will compose your letter and send it.


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