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I Hope It Hurts More - Icing your Ex

Track 3 on my new Isolation EP is called "Gonna Hurt More". It's about icing your ex to get revenge. I knew that would hurt him more than any words could, with me not around. This track has real Violin (Christopher Souza) & Cello (Eric Coyne). I wrote the song & Tony Solitro did the string arrangement for this version.

Im always surprised at concerts, it is the most requested song. It's hard to tour and do this one cause i don't usually carry the electric. This song is best played in standard tuning and none of my guitars are set up for that. So, seeing as though Im already lugging around 2 acoustic, laptop, my TC-helicon, Shure Beta87A, Cables and a mini UBS keyboard Controller. Oh yea and merch and then duh my like clothes. It's just not do able SO i've been known to borrow an acoustic from a musician friend depending on the city. Kevin who does sound at The Hotel Cafe in Hollywood, Ca has helped me out a couple times. Dawn Thomas in San Francisco. I've even done the song strictly unplugged at the end of the stage, no mic and no line to the speakers. It's crazy intimate and the house is pin drop quiet. It's a very special experience to share with everyone in that room. Some of my best memories playing actually.

Anyhow, here is "Gonna Hurt More" hope you enjoy it - View Listening Services - AJ

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